Reply To: Hi,We have a Motel in the beautiful town of Whitianga right on the beach front. As you can imagine we have been hit really hard from the result of Covid19. April we are down 75% and as it stands with May and June currently we will be down 100%.  With a loss of around $50k over that period. Never mind beyond that. I guess we are in limbo with how and when things might change. We have a lease where our landlord is not interested in any help to date. We have emailed with no response. We are going into our 3rd year of our 30 year lease. We have recently updated our website. We have been keeping active online. We know others are really struggling too but with little to no turnover or income realistically how long can we continue for? 30% of guests are overseas travelers and our NZ guests cant travel. Yet. Will the NZ travelers pick up some slack? We had a really good business 5 Weeks ago and boom gone. Do we have any rights with our landlord?Should we expect the NZ Market to pick up?Really worried.Cheers Guys


Great suggestions here. I think there is real merit in understanding who else might be in the same position as you with respect to your landlord, and how they are being treated. Perhaps talk to MBBA and other similar business associations. If that info is hard to get, talk to other local moteliers who may be in the same situation as you with respect to long-term leases with their landlords to see how they’re managing. Good luck!

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