Reply To: Hi Experts  bonjour-havelock-north.myshopify.comAbove is the link to my online store set up by myself, with remote help from a friend over the last five weeks.  It isn’t working.  Once you see it I’m sure you’ll know why.  It’s clunky, hard to navigate and rather boring.  I don’t know what else to do.  I’ve attended multiple online courses and am overwhelmed.  I’m not tech savvy (circa 1960) but have tried my very best. I have spent a lot of time loading stock onto the store and still have a lot more to do in that regard. I understand I need branding and marketing strategies also. I need help with this too. I’ve owned my store for only 19 months and I love it so much and I’m feeling desperate not to lose it. Thank you in advance for your help.

Hello …
Go out on Facebook ( or any another SM channel you use) and see if you can get someone to help you
There are so many people out there with these skills that are wanting to assist
to ensure people are able to generate some income.
A face book trawl through your community FB pages as well as your own FB page,
asking for help, initially on a bro bono basis, would be a great way to start
and who knows you just might meet someone that really adds value to your business,
that you send up engaging in the long run