Reply To: Hi Experts  bonjour-havelock-north.myshopify.comAbove is the link to my online store set up by myself, with remote help from a friend over the last five weeks.  It isn’t working.  Once you see it I’m sure you’ll know why.  It’s clunky, hard to navigate and rather boring.  I don’t know what else to do.  I’ve attended multiple online courses and am overwhelmed.  I’m not tech savvy (circa 1960) but have tried my very best. I have spent a lot of time loading stock onto the store and still have a lot more to do in that regard. I understand I need branding and marketing strategies also. I need help with this too. I’ve owned my store for only 19 months and I love it so much and I’m feeling desperate not to lose it. Thank you in advance for your help.


Hi Bonjour Havelock North,

You are being way too hard on yourself. You have done a fine job and the site isn’t as bad as you think. Now it’s time to get ready for step two which is actually driving people to the site you have.

1. You need your own URL. Go to https://nz.godaddy.com/ buy your URL (it’s about $40) and then you need to link this shopify site to it.
That is how I am going to find you. If I google currently I only find FB links or https://website-2399549859189696907221-clothingstore.business.site/ which don’t link.
– you need to drive traffic to your site now. You can trade so start generating cash.
– use your social channels to engage and excite people. Your last few posts have been better. Don’t just put up images of stock, you need to wrap them in a proposition “what’s in it for me as a shopper.” What problem are you solving for the customer? Make them feel amazing, warm, stylish? Buy NZ made, an exclusive product, a gift solution/
– Make sure you schedule posts more than once a week that is relevant and engaging but that drive customers to see out more.
– Get your instagram up and running. FB allows you to post to both through their publishing tools
– Check out https://www.adhoc.help/ FREE TUTORIALS

2. Keep loading your product – if you need help to do this, as Annah said, reach out into the community. If you don’t have the cash to pay, pay them with product if you can’t find someone to do it pro bono.
– Also, try http://www.fiverr.com and there are specialists from around the world that can help. Look for well-rated providers and Level 2 sellers and above. They are incredible and cheap as chips!

– What is going to generate cash so I can invest more in improving my business?
– Next step would be the Brand and marketing communications plan – you need to be clear of your proposition and why customers should choose you
– You are in a highly emotive category and you need shoppers to fall in love with your store/brand as well as the products. I can buy products anywhere so why choose you.

– Then you can go to Phase 2 of your website. What you have is very useable right now. Getting a different solution what be any use until you have determined your positioning, branding and marketing communications.
– A website is a system for organsing and communicating content. Until you have that content (stories, imagery, etc and a well-positioned) and a clear reason for being it’s just another piece of tech.

Happy to talk further offline at juanita@retailx.co.nz

Good luck. You have made a critical first step.