Reply To: Hi :) I am an artist and I’m attempting to build my own website to help get my work out there and support galleries. I’ve played around with wix and Squarespace and I’ve bought my own domian name. I am at a point I’m needing some advice on what works and what is a waste. if you look up tracywinterglass on either fb or ig you can see what I do cheers Tracy 


Hi there – developing a ‘landing place’ to frame you and your art up, so people can see who you are, and your work makes a lot of sense and then just think about how you create ‘hooks’ outside of this place with your content e.g. Insta – just think about where your partners and potential customers are – and see if you can go there to share what you are doing – I hope that helps – we have also just initiated a new web project which is focused on helping Kiwi businesses to trade who don’t have eCommerce ability – you may not want this as your partner Galleries may be the ones selling – https://www.manaaki.io/1000websites/ – good luck, Andy