Reply To: Hi therei have an employee who is refusing to work until the 12 weeks has passed from the wage subsidy. He is saying it is “because we have been paid for him” so questioning why he would need to work. It is obvious to me why but what would your response be in this situation?


Hi there, I am not an HR specialist but my understanding of the subsidy is that it is to HELP you keep your staff and is paid out to help you keep your team at minimum 80% of wages. As far as I am aware – you could check with an HR specialist and the Business.org.nz website has conditions laid out. This is all not withstanding the fact that someone refusing to work purely on those ground does not perhaps align with your business values-wise? Could be a good time for a coaching conversation about why they work where they do. The wage subsidy is not intended to be a 12 week paid leave scheme. If your staff member doubts the law, respectfully point them to the conditions of the wage subsidy. Best of luck, Amanda