Reply To: Hi therei have an employee who is refusing to work until the 12 weeks has passed from the wage subsidy. He is saying it is “because we have been paid for him” so questioning why he would need to work. It is obvious to me why but what would your response be in this situation?


The advice above has nailed it. It’s pretty simple really, they have signed an employment agreement that pays them to do a job. If they choose not to work, then they (typically) won’t get paid – whether or not the job if funded partially or fully from the wage subsidy. It’s tough enough for everyone at the moment without employees trying it on – but on the off chance something else is going on for this employee, I’d suggest you start with a conversation about whether they’re ok and how they are doing. Some people have been more affected by the lockdown period than others. If this is not typical behaviour of this employee, then start at a place of listening and compassion and see where the conversation goes. Best wishes to you.