Reply To: Hi. On the 7th of April, my work van with all the cleaning gears was stolen. My insurance brooker’s phone is disconnected. I need to go back to work asap. I need to purchase the gear for this. Your help will be really appreciated.


It seems like you have had a few things happening over and above the challenges of COVID-19 – you have been burgled and your insurance brokers phone is not working.

Lets start with the burglary – I am assuming that you have reported this to the police, your insurance company will need all the details in order to process your claim.

With your broker, do you have the details of your policy – particularly the company providing the policies to you – irrespective of the broking relationship you can go directly, if you are unable to locate your broker.

Failing that the insurance industry has an ombudsman http://www.ifso.nz that should be able to assist with your broker.