Reply To: Hi team,   I’m looking for some help with marketing, our business is very local based and we have always enjoyed a good turnover, however now that we have opened up in level 3 to online orders for delivery and takeaways we have managed to only get 10% of our sales for this first week.   I wonder if it is our online presence or the way we are attempting to get our message out there, or simply our old customers are not web-based,  so how do we still communicate with them?   I am also wondering it is something as simple as we are passing on the credit card fees charged for processing credit cards,  have your team found any information to support lack of sales due to credit card charges, or have you come across any payment solutions to offer direct bank transfers free of charge.   Other than invoicing and waiting on payment as this does not work over weekend transfers.   


Hello, it would be helpful to have some more detail on what type of business you are running and some detail on exactly what you are doing to drive awareness / call to action in the digital space. I doubt credit card fees have much to do with generating new online business. If you aren’t able to share these details on the Manaaki platform you can email me directly and in confidence at jwoodbridge@xtra.co.nz.