Reply To: How do I target the right people for my small Farm Stay without too much expense – I do not have a website but am in Google Business, did look into website but $$$ made me hesitant, have paid for a channel manager (NZ based) to help a bit and am planning on being part of TRUENZ campaign -but $$ again!!  I am so small that I am hesitant on costs – I am only a two bedroom homestay/farm stay/BnB experience


Kia Ora, Penhaven. Manaaki is running an initiative to help 1000 companies start trading online with a free website. Register your interest on http://www.manaaki.io/1000websites. It’s a great way to set up your own website which will help you be able to more effectively market your Farm Stay.

You should also create a listing on Tourism NZ’s website, newzealand.com, it’s absolutely free! register.newzealand.com. Tourism NZ will be leading the country’s response to lift domestic tourism.

Suggest you also connect with your local RTO, and link up with any initiatives they are doing.

If you have email addresses from prior guests, you can email to them with an offer. And ask them to refer others to you as well.

This is a good group of fellow tourism providers on Facebook, suggest you join. Good to see what others are doing! Free as well.

And, there is a new initiative call Save My Bucket List, where people can pre-pay vouchers. Perhaps join this one too? savemybucketlist.com.

Hope this gives you a few ideas on how to get started.

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