Reply To: hi there other than the wage subsidy is there any other support out there for small businesses I have 2 businesses Renovations and a labour hire…thank youMoana


Yes, that will help and I’m hoping we will hear more for tourism affected businesses.
If there is a way to get in touch and leverage contacts in the Motel Association and Tourism Industry Association to work with banks to get relief from principal payments on the mortgage.
You should also think about how you can best market to the domestic economy as we go to Level 2 (in-regional travel is ok, inter-regional isn’t) utilising your customer database, lean on your regional tourism organisation (RTO) and consider social media campaigns. Your RTO will hopefully be working hard to plan for igniting domestic tourism to your part of NZ… get in touch with them if you haven’t, offer up a package for them to promote you (rather than discounting as that is hard to recover from) i.e. stay 4, pay for 3. (kind of reverse discounting, but not fixed for each and every night)… Or partner up with a surf school operator or fishing charter and local café to create a ‘package’…
Hopefully a few ideas…