Reply To: West Lynn Garden Society has 2.5 hectares of garden open to the public. We are run mostly by retired volunteers. We also have a function centre and take bookings for various events. We pay a gardener 20 hrs and a bookings officer 16 hrs per week. We have lost all bookings from March to June due to Covid-19. We have also lost 5 elderly committee members. At present we have a Treasurer to co-opt onto the committee as soon as we can call a meeting and have a secretary considering whether to take on the task or not. How do we go about attracting more volunteers as gardeners and helping welcome visitors to the garden by working in the office and people interested into coming on the committee?


Hi Margaret

I second that advice.

Community facebook groups are pretty powerful and people are willing to help their communities wherever they can right now.

This is the link to the New Lynn page:

If you don’t have Facebook we could post for you.

I would post what you shared above with a lovely pic of the garden.

Good luck and keep us posted.

If you would like to contact media, drop me a note and I can put you in touch.