Reply To: Hi I have been trying to negotiate the multiproof process to get a larger version of my pod cabin approved for 6 months without any success. With the tiny house scene booming can the experts help me with advice/contacts to further this ?


Morena I love the small house and cabin movement but it does seem to be hitting road blocks (no pun intended) all over the place.

It is not a segment I am expert in but here is what I would do when stuck on something like this;
– listen; what feedback have you been given for not progressing and do you need to amend your product?
– network; talk to other small house builders/importers and ask how they got through the process
– escalate; can you take your request higher to find some one to engage with who might see beyond some short term hold ups
– go sideways; what other adjacent products needs multi proof process sign off and have navigated successfully – reach out to them and ask how they managed the process
– go personal; let the process owner know this is really hurting you and ask for personal guidance to get over whatever the hurdle seems to be
– go expert; find a consultancy that specializes in navigating these processes and pay them. You might not like to have to pay but if it gets you past the hurdle then happy days
Good luck!