Reply To: I’d appreciate some assistance with Funding to keep my service running helping vulnerable women with Perinatal Depression and Anxiety.  I’ve been supporting mother’s in-person via a peer support group in Tauranga since 2018, I launched online support groups late last year to remove attendance barriers such as baby sleep times, financial constraints, living rurally and returning to work.  Having this online option has been invaluable during covid-19 as women have needed to connect more so than ever and numbers have risen dramatically.  Unfortunately, my funding finished in April and I have yet to find more as I’m time and knowledge poor, working from home with my six year old and studying at the same time. Any support would be greatly appreciated.  If you wish to know more I have a Facebook page called True Colours – Honouring the Mother.


I asked the folks at Priority One (BOPs economic development agency) about your situation and they have two suggestion: Check in with SocialLink in Tauranga (www.socialink.org.nz). They are the umbrella organisation for social and community service organisations and very proactive. Liz Davies is their GM and can be reached on: liz@socialink.org.nz. Also, Tauranga Council, along with local funding partners, have established a $600k rapid response fund to support community service organisations. See information on the fund here: https://www.tauranga.govt.nz/council/council-news-and-updates/latest-news/artmid/456/articleid/5406. Kia Kaha, Anthony