Reply To: I’ve seen a large rise in investing, and people interested in investing. I believe the process of investing is still complicated in New Zealand, and have interviewed numerous millennial’s to find the same answer.I’m currently in the process of creating a platform that makes investing truly automatic and easy.I’m currently looking for co-founder advice.I have past/current entrepreneurship experience, I’ve got a talented software engineer who’s worked on financial products, and am now missing the co-founder/domain knowledge of investment markets/financial compliance.Would you go down the path of Hatch – get a financial institution/brokerage firm as your ‘third’ memberORGet someone with investment banking/financial product experience who’s keen to enter entrepreneurship?Or something else? Based on your suggested solution, how would you find that person/firm and approach them? E.G. hard approaching a big firm like a Craig’s Investment Partners


Morena – cool, democratising access to investment for younger people and making it super easy is something that could be great for the market. Just be aware that others like Hatch are our there – including Sharesies and I believe many of the Investment Banks are coming out with app’s as well. The Key is thinking about your market and your competitive position – how are you going to be different. You are right to think about your team – dev, marketing, operations and legal/risk will be needed to make it – good luck, Andy

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