Reply To: I am a Stylist so most of my work is face to face with my Clients in their homes. I rely on being there on person to see and check their clothing quality and fit – whish of course is not possible under isolation restrictions. How do I keep up the connection with Clients to still have income for my services? Offering free videos and tips is not enough to keep cash flowing. I am trialling a video chat Styling Session this weekend, but unsure how to run this exactly to make a connection with a brand new Client and be able to offer her the best experience for her money within the restrictions. Any advice would be so awesome. This is such a great idea to connect with other business people! Cheers. Shiana @sheshestyledthis 


I think the online experience is the way to go. I read a good article this morning about how AirBnB is switching its business model. Now that no-one is travelling, they have started hosting online calls with experts. You might get some good ideas from the article. https://www.fastcompany.com/90499935/magic-shows-and-drag-queens-a-look-inside-airbnbs-covid-19-strategy