Reply To: I am a Stylist so most of my work is face to face with my Clients in their homes. I rely on being there on person to see and check their clothing quality and fit – whish of course is not possible under isolation restrictions. How do I keep up the connection with Clients to still have income for my services? Offering free videos and tips is not enough to keep cash flowing. I am trialling a video chat Styling Session this weekend, but unsure how to run this exactly to make a connection with a brand new Client and be able to offer her the best experience for her money within the restrictions. Any advice would be so awesome. This is such a great idea to connect with other business people! Cheers. Shiana @sheshestyledthis 


Hi Shiana,
I would endorse Matt’s comments about building online, and in parallel plan for a back to the ‘new normal’ phase of business.
How can you meet with people safely in their own homes? What steps and processes can you put in place to give you and them security in meeting
How can you position what you offer for the new normal? There will still be weddings and celebrations, and now also a lot of people wanting to launch themselves into new careers and roles that might need a refresh. How can you pitch yourself at that market?

Do some googling and look at how similar services are evolving in other markets for some more ideas.
All the best

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