Reply To: I am a Stylist so most of my work is face to face with my Clients in their homes. I rely on being there on person to see and check their clothing quality and fit – whish of course is not possible under isolation restrictions. How do I keep up the connection with Clients to still have income for my services? Offering free videos and tips is not enough to keep cash flowing. I am trialling a video chat Styling Session this weekend, but unsure how to run this exactly to make a connection with a brand new Client and be able to offer her the best experience for her money within the restrictions. Any advice would be so awesome. This is such a great idea to connect with other business people! Cheers. Shiana @sheshestyledthis 


Hi there
I friend of mine is a small business owner of a vintage clothing boutique and has begun offering online styling consultations. Her business is called Painted Bird. Perhaps you could check out what she and others are doing, how they’re doing it, and even reach out to her/others to collaborate on how collectively, you can serve your market in your own niches. At this time, collective ideation and generosity in sharing insights is so important, and most people seem to be more than happy to contribute. Competition is out, community thriving is in!