Reply To: Hi, and thank you for supporting small and medium businesses, I have often felt frustrated and unheard.my question is how can all the relevant and less relevant but still very much connected businesses come together to grow our market as a wedding destination? The obvious: venues, celebrants, photographers, catering, florists and transport providers, cake makers, beautician Rand the like are an obvious collaboration but we also have airlines, restaurants, activities, small local retailers, gifts, jewellery, relaxation etc who would all benefit within this combined industry; tourism and wedding.it is a no brainer to accept that this has huge potential, in a group with a bigger more flexible spend, who often extend their 2 nights to a fortnight (weddingmoon packages) who often bring others with them to celebrate, growing the spend further.I need help, We need funding we need to come together for organic push. What advice can you give, who will fund us and how can we get the story out to the 1000’s of couples who would have left NZ to marry but no longer can? Thank you


Thank you – I would challenge you that you need funding to bring people together to help each other. Surely a FAcebook Group is a great place to start where people in your industry can reach out with each other, engage, share and then focus on how you can collectively grow the voice of the market, and let these couples know what their options are for those that want to get married? Sarah is an example of acting, she set up a Facebook Group for NZ Made Products and it is now with over 300,000 members – try something like that. Good luck.