Reply To: Hi all,I am the co-owner of a start-up developed to save SME’s time and money on their day to day transactions. Basically SME’s are able to aggregate and reverse auction their major day to day business purchases to other SME’s and corporates.We have bootstrapped development and beta tested below the radar in the Ag sector with good results.Our challenge now is getting out quickly to help as many SME’s as possible in a variety of industries however we now have to rethink our go to market strategy and probably need some help. Any suggestions would be good.  Colin  

Hi – advertising to SMEs is hard; there are a lot of them and many channels. I’d suggest linking in with industry and support groups for the SME sectors you want to serve – which may mean you need to narrow down to some subsectors. Eg partner up with the hospitality association or retailers association. Think about advertising in trade journals or online on sites they are likely to frequent. A mix of paid and editorial might get you there in some publications.
The main advice is to be specific – you’re a start-up. You can’t sell to the 60,000+ businesses in NZ. Where will your offer have the most relevance? Which sectors have a defined grouping? Start there.