Reply To: Hi there, thanks for the opportunity to post in here!I have a small business making care boxes for cancer patients (wheat packs, soap etc). All proceeds go towards making the boxes or get donated to local cancer charities, so I have little to no budget for advertising. I am wondering the best way to promote and grow awareness of the brand? I have approached some cancer charities who can’t help for various reasons. At the moment I’m posting on Facebook & Instagram, but wondering how to reach people outside of my friend group. Should I be putting the small budget I have allocated towards boosting posts, or something else? Thank you!

Hi there – I think you’ll be surprised at how much you can expand your reach by spending a very small amount on boosting your Facebook posts. Remember you can target your audience – I don’t have experience in health related targeting, but I’m assuming you could narrow down the field in some way to hit more relevant people – at the very least, make sure you ring-fence your boost to the geographical areas that you serve. Give it a go – you can always stop if it’s not working.