Reply To: Hi there, thanks for the opportunity to post in here!I have a small business making care boxes for cancer patients (wheat packs, soap etc). All proceeds go towards making the boxes or get donated to local cancer charities, so I have little to no budget for advertising. I am wondering the best way to promote and grow awareness of the brand? I have approached some cancer charities who can’t help for various reasons. At the moment I’m posting on Facebook & Instagram, but wondering how to reach people outside of my friend group. Should I be putting the small budget I have allocated towards boosting posts, or something else? Thank you!

Great ideas from the other advisors. A further idea is maybe to partner with a brand that wants to be active in this space and has a product that might fit in the boxes, and then share the promotional costs between you. That way they get the positive association with what you do and you can leverage their involvement.

Good luck!