Reply To: Hi all,I am the co-owner of a start-up developed to save SME’s time and money on their day to day transactions. Basically SME’s are able to aggregate and reverse auction their major day to day business purchases to other SME’s and corporates.We have bootstrapped development and beta tested below the radar in the Ag sector with good results.Our challenge now is getting out quickly to help as many SME’s as possible in a variety of industries however we now have to rethink our go to market strategy and probably need some help. Any suggestions would be good.  Colin  


Hi Spider, this is an awesome idea, haven’t had chance to look, is there anyone else doing this overseas?

If you could build a beta platform that allows SME’s to post spare capacity, perhaps time-bound, around goods and services, which enables incentives like “buy now for 20% off” etc., then the first issue is an easy interface to allow them to upload.

Then outreach, and this forum a good start as many SME’s here will partner in the beta, there’s no downside, esp. if bizz. model is you take small % of only completed transaction, with no fee to load (possibly consider subscription when has mass).

Build a great UI where I can explore whats available.

Hard part is getting to the audience who will consume those products/services. Social media plus here is likely good enough for beta, early growth numbers may attract funding.

I think of it as a reverse Builderscrack, where I post a job needing done, and those that can do it, then apply.

With your platform, I’d love to be able to browse available products/services in my own time, esp. as I may want a service too small for an SME to consider, but could fit into their existing schedules if I’m not in a hurry.

Easy way for SME to sell and monetise spare capacity at very low risk/price, and very handy for “users”, and probably at a low start-up cost for you.

You don’t even need an e-commerce platform, just bill SME’s their fee.

BTW, Yello gagging for new ways to connect their only asset, SME’s across NZ, with new customers. They need the help, and may partner with you.

Go for it!

Happy to help further if I can
Cheers Duncan