Reply To: I really need some ideas to spark motivation with online marketing and to really take things to the next level. I feel as though I’m in a rut/funk and this past month of isolation has really affected my mood. What next steps could I consider to get things rolling again? 


Hi there
I totally understand. What we have collectively been going through is a process of grief and loss – loss of financial stability, certainty, confidence etc. The fourth stage of grief is Depression and Sadness. Whilst people might not fall into a clinically diagnosed depression, many of us have felt ‘down’ (myself included) and this could be the funk you are feeling. A great, free and easy first step to alleviate these feelings is to look at what you’re eating and how you’re moving – reduce consumption of sugar and inflammatory foods/drinks, and make sure you’re getting fresh air and moving your body daily. Emotions are energy in motion (e-motion) so moving is particularly helpful to move through and out of negative energy. While you’re moving you could listen to music or podcasts in your area of business/interest to spark motivation.
You might also like to try meditation (loads of apps out there, and I have a free one at http://www.tuifleming.com/covid). Immediately after meditating, try journalling to capture feelings and thoughts. Writing moves thoughts from your mind onto paper – again a way to clear negative energy – and frees up space in your mind to be curious and creative. I do this daily for 20 minutes and most of my own content creation comes through journalling – it’s certainly the tool I use most to spark inspiration… and following inspiration comes motivation.
I hope this helps.