Reply To: I really need some ideas to spark motivation with online marketing and to really take things to the next level. I feel as though I’m in a rut/funk and this past month of isolation has really affected my mood. What next steps could I consider to get things rolling again? 


Firstly I’d suggest you relax any self judgements about being in a rut. I think most of the planet is feeling a bit stuck, uncertain, anxious and fearful right now and have no idea the perfect step to take :). The fact that you’re thinking about how to take things to a next level is a great sign in this climate.

Without knowing any details of your business (and I’m happy to have a chat if you’d find it helpful so that I can understand your context better), I personally suggest now is a time to take a totally fresh sheet approach to your marketing. The climate has changed so significantly in so many ways. Ask yourself, what’s your intention, what’s the value you offer, to whom and who is currently willing and able to pay for it? Do they have awareness of your offer? Do they understand your offer? Keep your steps super simple. Use a mind map if you like that approach. Keep investment simple right now until the future is clearer. And be prepared to repeat. Take small actions right now, each day towards one client, one connection etc…and try stuff. Ask questions. This will bring info and motivation. See what works. See if it doesn’t. Ask why. Both are equally useful for progress. What are others doing that works/that doesn’t and why.

I don’t think there’s one right answer for you here around the step to take but rescale your expectations and stay flexible. Timing for the right action at the right time is always key. Hope this helps.