Reply To: Hi all,I am the co-owner of a start-up developed to save SME’s time and money on their day to day transactions. Basically SME’s are able to aggregate and reverse auction their major day to day business purchases to other SME’s and corporates.We have bootstrapped development and beta tested below the radar in the Ag sector with good results.Our challenge now is getting out quickly to help as many SME’s as possible in a variety of industries however we now have to rethink our go to market strategy and probably need some help. Any suggestions would be good.  Colin  


Hi Duncan
Thanks for the excellent feedback.
We provide mainly demand driven service like Builders Crack but Suppliers can post limited Buy Now pricing which may help those SME’s wanting to move product.There is still the issue of the the customer base, mind you the smell of a good deal always helps bring them out of the wood work. You have given me some real food for thought.