Reply To: I really need some ideas to spark motivation with online marketing and to really take things to the next level. I feel as though I’m in a rut/funk and this past month of isolation has really affected my mood. What next steps could I consider to get things rolling again? 


Hello there,

Im hoping the new announcements as regards to potential level 2 will help lift your spirits and you will be able to have more connections with in your community.

I have found days have all begun to blend together and some of my motivation has dropped off, like you I have had that feeling of being in a rut. Its important to recognise your not alone and many will be experiencing similar feelings. This isn’t to diminish any feeling , rather to highlight that this will be quite a common response to our lockdown and subsequent alert levels and consequences of those.You are not alone.

My go to actions are exercise, meditation, eating well, brainstorming, creative activities, ie art, writing a poem or song, journal writing.

I also set myself a couple of small goals daily so as not to become overwhelmed over circumstances I can’t control, and to help with having purpose each day.

I also try and find some way to help someone else , as this has a two fold effect. Someone else can benefit from my contact or involvement, making a difference, and I can feel good about helping another.

warm wishes and all the very best