Reply To: Hi there, thanks for the opportunity to post in here!I have a small business making care boxes for cancer patients (wheat packs, soap etc). All proceeds go towards making the boxes or get donated to local cancer charities, so I have little to no budget for advertising. I am wondering the best way to promote and grow awareness of the brand? I have approached some cancer charities who can’t help for various reasons. At the moment I’m posting on Facebook & Instagram, but wondering how to reach people outside of my friend group. Should I be putting the small budget I have allocated towards boosting posts, or something else? Thank you!


This is amazing, thank you all so much!

I had thought about storytelling before, but don’t have enough customers at the moment and the boxes are generally purchased by family/friends so I don’t talk to them directly. I will have a think about putting something in the box, or even sharing stories of friends I know that have had cancer or supported someone with cancer too.

The other feedback is great too, I will look into all of these and see how it goes.

I am just wanting to promote to customers which could be family & friends of someone with cancer, or the patient themselves – I already have products for the boxes, and places to donate money.

Thanks again everyone.