Reply To: Hi all,We have a small business we are wishing to grow and we are looking for advice on finding new leads as well as marketing our services better.CMC Design is a high quality bespoke builds company specialing in woodworking and timber products.  We also build and install high-end kitchens, bathrooms and retail setups, restore boats, make adults and children’s furniture and run a big CNC machine that is great for everything from urban installations to prototypes, forms and frames and many unique projects.  It’s quite a wordy description due to having many facets but our skilled team transition through all these genres well and the variety suits our location in Northland where business diversity is key.We have tried unsuccessfully to navigate the GETS government tenders process, it seems very complicated and we wanted to know if anyone had any experience and advice into getting jobs through this avenue and how it works.We would love to do more work in urban locations such as outdoor furniture in public spaces, sculptural or decorative work, or any indoor public/commercial spaces that are being developed and the luxury private market.Any feedback on our website or any other ideas around business growth would be fantastic.Kind regards,SianCMC Designcmcdesign.co.nzinfo@cmcdesign.co.nz


Morena – thank you for sharing, and I have taken a look on the web site. You can clearly see from the site that you are true to being diverse to suit the needs of the Far North customers – some thoughts:
1) GETS – it is tough right, I get a daily email from GETS about tenders coming up in my areas, and I have not yet ‘won’ a tender as a result. However I see around one per month that I look into and think about who I could partner with to bid on, so I figure for you – I would see if you can find out who is winning these tenders in your fields of work both in Northland and maybe even down in Auckland and whether you can partner with them utilising maybe your machine capability?
2) BEing ‘diverse’ to suit the needs of all is really good, and it can be challenging on the messaging – in the end you want people in your target markets to consider and know they can use CMC Design for their jobs – has your success of your work historically been direct with end users / customers or has it been through trade recommendations? It might be that you just need to focus a bit more on the messaging into the trade ‘owners’ of the segments that you operate in?
3) Have you thought about sharing the images of your work on Social that might help people you infront of your customers to consider you – you have named your business CMC Design which makes it clear what you ‘have’ ie that you have the ability to design stuff, but you don’t know beyond that what you actually do for who – could have a strap line below the CMC Design such as For x y z – using the Instagram or Facebook to put photos too of your products, completed on site might help people see what you do, and then consider you in the future? Most consumers probably want know/realise and maybe care that you have a cool factory or design set up, they will be captured by the work you have done.

My biggest reflection for you is – look to your past customers who love the work you have done, the end users and also the trades who worked on those jobs. See if you can get them to recommend you, see if you can get them to be your voice to find new customers and maybe push out some social as a trial to see if you can build some audience around the images of the great products and solutions you are providing.

For a slightly random, out there idea, if you wanted to push some things like Videos on social – you could do some rough videos of a day in the life in the Factory, and show people the machines, what you do, how you do it and what you can make with it – with some photos linking – then see if you can get local sites / papers etc to share that for you – because in the end you want to light the imagination of people about what you can do with your set up and capability.

Good luck. Andy

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