Reply To: Use a website platform or get a new build?Hi there. I’m looking to start a new tourism business that will require a website with the capability for people to book a time slot (I will be limited as to how many cars I can have on the property).  I have used Squarespace to build my husbands site but unsure whether SquareSpace, Wix or Shopify have this ability?Or would I be best to go to one of the good local companies I know?Also – any goss on whether the Govt might be releasing some funding for startups  or local tourism activities? CheersA


Hi Amanda

Great question.

As you’re a company in the startup phase its really going to come down to your budget. You can get something stood up by yourself on Wix or Shopify very easily and affordably. With Shopify, you get a 90-day free trial and it does have booking apps. Its a low-risk way to test your idea and see if Shopify/Wix is fit for purpose. The other benefit of those platforms is they are constantly evolving and have a host of apps you can leverage as you grow.

If you want something bespoke or need help with development there are many developers out there. It can just get expensive quite quickly. So it comes down to where you want to put your limited early-stage investment. A consideration might be, investing in an expensive website or using the budget to validate your idea in other ways.

Some other experts might be able to recommend a tourism/reservation specific platform for you.

Exciting times.