Reply To: Use a website platform or get a new build?Hi there. I’m looking to start a new tourism business that will require a website with the capability for people to book a time slot (I will be limited as to how many cars I can have on the property).  I have used Squarespace to build my husbands site but unsure whether SquareSpace, Wix or Shopify have this ability?Or would I be best to go to one of the good local companies I know?Also – any goss on whether the Govt might be releasing some funding for startups  or local tourism activities? CheersA


Thanks for the reply. Yes I saw that Shopify had some add on capability. I used to work for Callagahan so I have a fair idea of the funding around. Just hoping they might throw the $5,000 grant open a bit wider to start up new enterprises. Fingers crossed

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