Reply To: Hi, and thanks for having this service available.This is a food production / marketing / business growth questionWe are an Auckland based catering service providing beautiful fresh nutritious catering to Early childcare centres.Due to Covid-19 we have had to close as our centres have been closed. As we re-open we will have lost customers and know our numbers will be down.As a new-ish and small operation we are vulnerable.We would really appreciate some advise on how to effectively reach new business and get our brand out there quickly within the ECE sector. We offer a fantastic service and have been lucky to grow our business so far on great word of mouth and hard work to build a great reputation.To manage our way through this hit we to promote to our service really for the first time.Many thanksWith little to no marketing funds available I know thins is tough. 


All of the above sounds good. I would possibly add trying to get some of the possibly high volume multi centre operators to take a free or very discounted trial of your offer for a short period and get feedback on how that works. I guess you have all the vegetarian and gluten free etc options that might be a pain for centres to work around. If the kids love it and tell their parents, that might help. AT worst you might become an elective option for kids who prefer your offer to the current centre offer.
And maybe try adding a nice, cheap, offer for the staff / manager that motivates them to support using your service.