Reply To: Hi, Our business is renting luxury villas in NZ and Bali on various booking sites traditionally targeting Europeans and Americans. Every booking has been cancelled and apart from Airbnb offering 25% booking fees back for a small window over lockdown, we are now receiving zero income.Ignoring for a moment border closures, one idea is to take a long term view and target audiences in countries whose borders may open soon, but we don’t know how to reach people in China for example. In Bali especially, we are looking to sell our villas as potential bolt holes/safe havens as we are in a very small and local village free from tourists and crowds.We are also looking for a riff of ideas off these villas being used as accommodation … any ideas. Can anyone help? Thanks VLB


Morena, the idea of targeting segments of the population who can travel is a good one – also think in NZ terms around the domestic sector, there remains people who have money even in this time, and there will be a surge in travel and bookings as families think about where to go in Nz – if you have distinctive homes for rent, then it is just a question of how you get the choices in front of the families looking for school holidays and the like. Make sure you cover off the Covid-19 cleaning for the properties as part of your commitment.