Reply To: Kia ora! I am wanting some advice on next steps to take for my new project. I have a product idea however i do have some current barriers i need to face. The product idea is targeting the baby industry and is a product for after birth care, is not tech based, the business is going to be a social enterprise, we are environmentally friendly… this information may help in answering the questions below:1. I need to make more connections as well as build up a team for this project however don’t know where to start or what to look for. 2. There is so much fundamental things i need to do for example market validation, business model, business plan, financial forecasts, strategies… what is the best way to tackle these as it is very overwhelming? 3. Funding… I’ve applied for $4,000 of funding which is in process however this is no way near enough funding we need to do both research and development as well as take to market with marketing etc… where should i be looking?


Thank you so much this has been awesome!!