Reply To: We are a husband and wife team – and offer photography and website design.We need help positioning ourselves so that we can offer something valuable to small NZ business at a time when people are not looking to spend! We also need help to identify our strengths in this season we find ourselves in.  Ultimately, we want to support other small business like ours to see them survive and thrive, by adding value with our services.  Ngā mihi!


Hi there, There are a ton of small businesses that need you right now, many of which are still in a position to pay. Are you part of any small business networks where people can get to know you and the services you offer? I can highly recommend She Owns It, which is a female entrepreneurs network where the members are dedicated to supporting and working with each other. It costs about $10 a month and is the perfect place to build business relationships and help others, but also engage in some paid work and business development.

I’d be really happy to take a look at your branding and website/social media presence for you (free of charge) if you’d like to email me at monique@dressingup.co.nz.