Reply To: Hi There,I hope you and yours are well amd safe in these trying times.I’ve recently started a company and am looking into patent and trademark advice or recommendations, if possible. Also, anything else that might help out a startup would be appreciated.Cheers and take care,Anna


Morena. Good one on starting out. Think about ‘where value meets the market’ – it can be really hard in the early days to chart where your startup creates this value point, at which you want to protect your idea, concept with IP – knowing that a key part of any IP protection is disclosure and timing. So my guidance is to keep an eye like Edwin says on the core legal stuff, and focus also on where is the real need in the market, test and validate that, challenge your assumptions, move away from your idea to what people need and want, and then you can build the business knowing you have hit on something that people want. Good luck. Andy