Reply To: Hi there,My sister and I have opened a small salon at home providing only the services we have a passion for which are nails (manis, pedis, shellac, gel, acrylic), brow and lash treatments (henna, shape, tinting, extensions), spray tans and makeup.We are also retailing a product, which has been selling really well whilst in Level 3.What we would like to know is how can we get our name out there more and generate more local traffic on social media etc and become a known name around town for the services we offer?We have both been in the beauty industry for a few years (I took a 3 year sabbatical when I moved back from overseas) but there is just so much competition in town I would love us to have a point of difference.We were supposed to have opened in march, but covid 19 put a stop to that, we are not an established business, so any help you can offer would be hugely appreciated.Thank you


hi there,
The first and most important thing on social media is to really understand your audience, so you can target effectively and optimize your spend. Where do your customers live, what do they do for work, where do they spend their personal time, which magazines do they read, what age groups are they, etc.

I’d also recommend that you draw up a 2×2 matrix to define your unique selling proposition (USP) relative to your competitors. What do you do that is different to everyone else in the market – what is your secret sauce? If you plot this on a two by two matrix based on how your customers view your market segment, you’ll be able to find your position and differentiate yourselves from everyone else. By way of an example price and value as axes is a really easy 2×2 matrix, but in your market, there is likely something more specific to your services that you can substitute – eg your service quality, breadth of offering etc.

Use this USP to shape your brand strategy, and from there create a content strategy that is aligned to your audience needs (which you defined in step 1 above). You can then translate this into your social media strategy across the different social networks on which your clients are most active.

Defining/Understanding your USP:

Brand Strategy resources:

Here are some social resources:

I hope this helps~

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