Reply To: Am looking to create a social platform where people can post ‘stories’ and they can be commented on, with both the stories and comments able to be liked, and messaging between participants.  Stories can be sorted by various categories.  Keen for an out of the box solution with plugins, rather than trying to build it from scratch (at least for MVP).    Am wondering if the same functionality used for this manaaki site might work?  Would really appreciate input from someone who understands what’s available/possible.


Could you also potentially use the Facebook Groups functionality? That way you’d have everyone connected via Facebook, and be able to use all the Facebook features (posting, commenting, liking and sharing), and it would allow the group to be discoverable also (depending on the privacy settings you choose).

You could then also create a facebook messenger group as well for everyone to message each other if you want a different format.

It really depends on what you’re trying to achieve as your overall objective.

I hope this helps~