Reply To: Hi.I need advice on streaming live workouts in a membership portal for clients.I have been using Facebook for live Nd then downloading the workouts and then uploading to Vimeo for posting and storing in a site for members.Im looking into ways I can just stream live in my website and have it stored automatically on the right page.I am a bit confused with the tech- do I buy a live stream function and embed link?When I go live in my software does it then go live in the website? How can I order the “look” of the page. Can you suggest some user friendly systems?It is quite expensive so I want to make sure I get the right service and software. Thanks.Another question is on marketing- 


Hi there,
Zoom has actually worked pretty well for the LIVE stream component and some of my athletes and S&C’s have used it to run spin classes and circuits. You can record the session…. but that is probably where the functionality ends in terms of being able to automate it. That said, the cost is right (being free). The sticking point will be if your sessions last for than 40min with more than 3 users… then you will need a subscription. The good thing is by recording the screen, you get the video and audio file to cut up and play with.
I have tried a lot of exercise prescription software and the one I believe has the most flexibility around uploading, tagging and filtering your own content is Visual Coaching Pro. They are based in Melbourne. Their standard library is ~6500 exercises, but more recently they have allowed users to record their own exercises. Its not LIVE though. You would use the recorded exercises to build your session, which actually could be a plus moving forward, as it becomes easier to keep your content fresh, reuse content or add more. Their system is easily placed inside an i-frame on a 3rd party membership site… could be an option for you. If you talk to them, ask for Luke.
Take care Jamie