Reply To: Hi there,My sister and I have opened a small salon at home providing only the services we have a passion for which are nails (manis, pedis, shellac, gel, acrylic), brow and lash treatments (henna, shape, tinting, extensions), spray tans and makeup.We are also retailing a product, which has been selling really well whilst in Level 3.What we would like to know is how can we get our name out there more and generate more local traffic on social media etc and become a known name around town for the services we offer?We have both been in the beauty industry for a few years (I took a 3 year sabbatical when I moved back from overseas) but there is just so much competition in town I would love us to have a point of difference.We were supposed to have opened in march, but covid 19 put a stop to that, we are not an established business, so any help you can offer would be hugely appreciated.Thank you

Hi there,

Well done on starting to get your business off the ground, it’s so important to work on something you’re passionate about! You are right that you need to develop your unique selling point. But what you’ll find is that as your business goes through this development phase things are going to change a lot. You’ll get a feel for the services you really like to provide and niche down so those become the focus of your marketing efforts. There are salons that focus on hand painted nail art, extra long nails, natural healthy nails etc etc. What you need right now is a small group of cheerleaders that can champion your business in your local area. Once you have your Facebook and Instagram accounts set up, you can offer your service to local businesses for a discounted rate and ask them to post reviews on your Facebook page, or share your services with their clients. Because you’re creating something so visual, Instagram is going to be great for you. Use Instagram stories to show the process you go through when doing nails, and show your audience who you are and what you care about – you are the product as much as your service. You can get started right now by taking great photos and posting them with relevant hashtags – use your local area tag, nail specific tags like #nznails and look at what other nail and beautician accounts are doing to get a feel or what tags are useful in your field. Make sure your Instagram profile outlines who you are, what you do and how clients can get in touch. You can get start right away and be discoverable to your client for free. Wishing you loads of luck in Level 2 😀