Reply To: good morning.we have a traditional Thai  massage place in Pukekohe (sabaigaya.co.nz ) and we are closed for now 7 week and we still don’t know of we can open in level 2 .we still had to pay full lease every month ,power bill, rates ,ect ect and now we had to pay gst ass well i work for 6 year 7 days and 10 hours a day and now i am going to lose everything what i have worked for ,is there any help for me 

Yes it’s crazy stressful times for business like yours and many others. I’ve not yet seen banks grant lending holidays to commercial properties (though is always worth asking as they don’t want to lose their tenants right now either) so people are mostly still paying rent (correct me if I’m mistaken but this is our definite experience). IRD has released a loan scheme you can access from their website which looks helpful. That’s all I know of for cashflow relief right now. Banks seem to still be a bit hit and miss re support.

Questions I’d personally be looking at is:
Income generation – can I pre sell any vouchers for future services?
Personal and employee protection –
Creativity – can I generate income from other means?
Family – can I do anything to secure my family finances?
Lease – can I get a lease reduction and what are my contingencies here if I can’t?