Reply To: Am looking to create a social platform where people can post ‘stories’ and they can be commented on, with both the stories and comments able to be liked, and messaging between participants.  Stories can be sorted by various categories.  Keen for an out of the box solution with plugins, rather than trying to build it from scratch (at least for MVP).    Am wondering if the same functionality used for this manaaki site might work?  I heard Pat talking about it on the Spinoff interview.  Would really appreciate input from someone who understands what’s available/possible.  

Hi there,

Agree with Monique. From experience working on building communities, it does prove worth while exploring what social communities your target audience is already a member of. From there, you can explore creating a niche within the social community. e.g. FB groups, sub-reddits, LinkedIn private groups (you can post stories etc). That way your audience is already familiar with the platform and it creates less resistance with acquisition, retention engagement etc. Most successful companies leverage this approach (go where your audience is), provided you can find a platform that caters for your value prop.