Reply To: Hi, I am a sole trader making art who would like to have a website with the ability to make some sales, book commissions, take emails etc. I would like direct links to my work from social media so they can be  instantly purchased. I do not have large amounts of inventory to keep track of however in the future this may change. Is it better to invest in a website developer or try to stumble through it on my own with a third party provider? is there a cost benefit that outweighs one or the other and how much should I be paying per month to have it hosted as a small business? Thank you from a total novice ;)

Hi – you might like to read the answer to this question:

How do I grow my market of people buying my paintings. The paintings a good enough it’s the finding people willing to buy them at a reasonable price. 

Websites such as you are suggesting are relatively easy to set up; there are lots of good, cheap ways to do it. The options listed int eh message above are good ones, for less than $50 per month