Reply To: I want to create a charity side to my business. Step 1 is?

Just to add my recommendation – there are currently 27,000 registered charities in NZ and it’s tough to get your cause out there without a significant marketing budget. It can be administratively heavy to run your own charity and meet your legal obligations. It’s also taking up to 6 months to get new charities registered right now.

As mentioned above, another option would be to channel your resourcing directly into an already existing charity that matches your values. There are many, many charities who would welcome a partnership. Do your due diligence and check out possibilities on the Charities Register – https://www.register.charities.govt.nz/CharitiesRegister/Search. You can also do an Advanced Search – https://www.register.charities.govt.nz/AdvancedSearch.

Ka kite