Reply To: Hi, we have a small business that is unable to open at Level 3 and one of the things that we have been looking to do is improve our website to expand our sales opportunities but finding it extremely hard to know where to start. We have a current website that is hosted by a 3rd party for a monthly fee – this is mainly to increase our search engine optimisation. This results in us having limited ability to update or improve our website without additional cost – we can update photos, but not create additional pages/update wording etc outside of our 30 minutes free a month. We have no e-commerce functionality.Can you provide some assistance on the below: – If we change our web host and move to one where we have complete control, is it difficult and time consuming to ensure we have good search engine optimisation? – How much time and effort would be required to ensure a good SEO? – If it is something we can do ourselves, are their suggestions for a good (and free/cheap) option for web hosting that we can create and update ourselves that also has e-commerce options? – Anything we need to be mindful of when selecting a new web host?Thanks GB

Contact David Kelly (david@zeald.com), they are offering extremely subsidised (free) websites as a way to give back during Covid.

Their pitch:

GEM = Get Ecommerce Movement = help Kiwi SME’s achieve rapid digital transformation so that NZ experiences a digital revolution = starting with an initial batch of 500 free ecommerce sites.

Zeald are a great company to work with, hope it goes well for you.