Reply To: Hey! Firstly thank you so so much for providing this platform! :DAs an emerging artist, I have finally got the confidence and courage to showcase my artwork by looking into creating my very own website and jump into the world of business. I had a question regarding branding my “business”, are there any suggestions for finding a designer or business that could help with creating a personal logo if you are on a very tight budget?Thank you :)

Hi there

Another option is contacting your local design school. Media Design School in Auckland or Yoobee have campuses around the country, or a local polytechnic or university. The schools often do ‘live’ projects. You can fill in a form to apply, you just may need to wait for the right timing. If you build up a good relationship with the student you could carry on working together as they graduate, helping them build their portfolio – and helping you with new design work that is needed.

Or another free option is to check out Canva.com. Find a theme you like and adapt it for your business.

All the best!