Reply To: We’re a travel operator with no revenue and currently the only source of income for my staff is the wage subsidy. I’m hopeful wage subsidy will be extended and optimistic about the long term future of the business when international borders reopen. In the short term what do I do with my staff when the wage subsidy ends- struggling to understand what “stand down on no pay means”, should I make my staff redundant, should my staff resign? If they resign will it impact their ability to claim income support. We don’t have a HR team  – any help gratefully received – thank you.

Hi. you say you are a travel operator. do you own an experiene or sell travel services? either way do you have a customer base and understand who your top customers are? are they business or leisure? i know for fact bookings for NZ domestic travel are kicking in at a level higher than what was previoulsy suggested. there will be pent up demand from business and reuniting families. school holidays are coming up on peopoles minds and those who can afford and are confident will look to NZ for experiences. can you reach out to your customers and see what they are thinking/doing? yes you need to have a plan for your people but getting cash in will make the other problem smaller,