Reply To: Hey! Firstly thank you so so much for providing this platform! :DAs an emerging artist, I have finally got the confidence and courage to showcase my artwork by looking into creating my very own website and jump into the world of business. I had a question regarding branding my “business”, are there any suggestions for finding a designer or business that could help with creating a personal logo if you are on a very tight budget?Thank you :)

Just wanted to jump in to say congrats! That’s a big bold move and fantastic to back yourself! There has been so much wisdom shared on the other comments. So, only wanted to highlight one other opportunity in relation to the website. Manaaki has teamed up with Swiftly and they are providing 1000 free websites. Suggest you have a look at http://www.manaaki.io/websites. Good luck, go well. Woo hoo!