Reply To: I have a few questions on contact tracing applications please – who can recommend options for a business to use – I have three examples. (1) Retail / Restaurant (2) Office Space (3) Construction Site – in each use case I am interested in the best applications for ‘simple entry/exit’ and also for ‘complex drop-ins/drop-outs’ when you have lots of people. Interested in those that are contactless such as QR codes or Text based. Finally, how these applications deal with a ‘positive test’ – actually how that will work in practice. I am asking these questions because we are getting quite a few questions off platform around the options and would love to get some guidance on the choices in front of our small business owners. 

I had one of my network look at a few options, so thought I would share what he said to me after looking at the options.

“Thank you for the intros to the contact tracing apps people. We had a quick review over the course of today and have elected to go with IMhere mainly because they have a working solution with workarounds now, not because they were necessarily the best.

Our Need – 2 “head office” locations and > 50 franchises nationally. Consultants have a lot of meetings outside their offices so the solution needed to cater to the mobile force at multiple locations during a day. The summary of our requirements is below.

Desired solution (our requirements)
– Requirement for businesses to record details of contact at their workplaces. Saved in case we need to contact people who have been exposed to COVID-19.
– Internal people movements (office, client visits, other)
– External people coming to our offices (clients/other)
• Quick and easy to use
• Ability to record employee movements in/out of office, visitors into the office, client meetings at various locations (eg clients sites, cafes)
• Meets all MoH requirements
• Records: Full name, Phone number, Email address, Date of entering the business, Time in and out, [Signature]
• Capture location for off-site visits
• Hygenic (contact-less)
• Data secure, easily extractable and shareable with MoH/DHBs, as required
• Provides Business Owner with information about its staff/contractors, as required
• Data is securely stored; privacy; destroyed after 2 months
• Reliable technology and provider
• Network training Wednesday, Go live Thursday

We scanned through a number of solutions, including IMhere, Traceable, TeamSafe, guesthub, Hubspot, swipedon. There are a few others, probably about a dozen altogether, most are at a lower tech maturity level (except for Swipedon). Also many are “visitor management” products that had weak mobile force functionality (it was really important to us).

The main reason IMhere won is because they did not go with the app. Traceable looked like a much better solution but their IOS app is stuck in the Apple queue and we could not launch on Thur. TeamSafe would have probably done a nice configuration but this would have been Friday.”