Reply To: Hi, I am a small business, self employed by just me, doing maritime compliance work.  Have a basic website, not really very excited about it, but it was done and it kinda works.   Would like someone to help me with getting all my branding done using my name.  Have saved it as a domain name and would like to promote myself more rather than the firm.  So new website, new email etc. etc.  I need advice regarding my next move really.  My skills are varied – art, writing, compliance and all maritime based, so its really my theme and needs to be put together to make me a brand.

Hi, your brand will ultimately be who you are, so don’t veer too far from your own personality and values. A good one is defining what you are NOT both personality and skills. So I guess I am saying, don’t spend too long on this that if it stops you moving to next stage.
What about writing a couple of blogs giving insights into your work or skills, bring some relevance to these times COVID maybe? (make the tone/insights fit with the industry level relevant) and then publishing this also within your Linkedin, sharing it on other platforms (medium/wordpress) – share with past employees/associates/friends and ask for referals.
But also consider other blogs around words you want to be found/own – this will help build SEO across areas of relevance, reducing or supporting SEM. End with a call to action.
This might be a dumb statement – But would Worksafe be a good area to start, there must be a demand here at the moment?
fiverr – might be a good place for design