Reply To: Hi, i am a small business owner managing a designer cake business via Facebook and Instagram and i am looking to boost the visibility of my designer cakes,cupcakes,cookies etc and the how i can reach more customers.I am all about quality of my work and the designs i do for my customers. I want a sustainable volume per week/month therefore I’m not looking at quantity. What i’d like to do is reach the customers based on their requirements…e.g. being able to target customers during wedding season.And I’d like to urgently set up a website, here is my Instagram page – https://www.instagram.com/deanz_design_cakes/Thanks in AdvanceZ

Wow amazing cakes – well done. Manaaki and Swiftly have an offer to assist with set up of websites for businesses going online…see details here

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Then I am going to shamelessly replicate some of the advice already posted by other industry experts that I think will help you. Social media is a wonderful place for your products – facebook and insta. Fits the mindset and occasion of shopping for treats. It is also relatively low cost, and you can track your ROI – return on investment – and see what is working and what is not and quickly and easily change tack.

The first and most important thing on social media is to really understand your audience, so you can target effectively and optimize your spend. Where do your customers live, what do they do for work, where do they spend their personal time, which magazines do they read, what age groups are they, etc.
I’d also recommend that you draw up a 2×2 matrix to define your unique selling proposition (USP) relative to your competitors. What do you do that is different to everyone else in the market – what is your secret sauce? If you plot this on a two by two matrix based on how your customers view your market segment, you’ll be able to find your position and differentiate yourselves from everyone else. By way of an example price and value as axes is a really easy 2×2 matrix, but in your market, there is likely something more specific to your services that you can substitute – eg your service quality, breadth of offering etc.
Use this USP to shape your brand strategy, and from there create a content strategy that is aligned to your audience needs (which you defined in step 1 above). You can then translate this into your social media strategy across the different social networks on which your clients are most active.
Defining/Understanding your USP:
Brand Strategy resources:
Here are some social resources:

Keep on posting those amazing pics…and from a content perspective I would suggest adding some testimonials from happy customers and even event context of happy people enjoying and celebrating with your cakes. Good luck!